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Mobile.Info activities to be continued in new organisation
Berlin, 21 Nov. 2007: After successfully finishing the field trials, the Mobile.Info project is now officially concluded. However, there is an increasing interest from abroad to deploy Mobile.Info platforms in other countries. Therefore, Mobile.Info will join forces with the TMC Forum and the TPEG Forum to form the Traveler Information Services Association (TISA). On November 21, 2007, TISA was inaugurated at its first General Assembly at the Berlin representation of Deutsche Telekom AG. TISA will represent Mobile.Info internationally, manage certification activities as well as coordinate the develop-ment and standardization of future Mobile.Info services and platform extensions.

News Service Journaline© - Data service for DRM and DAB
The data application Journaline® ( is a text based interactive information service for digital radio platforms like DAB/DMB and DRM. The general functionality is comparable to the teletext service for TV.

German pilot project DIWA promotes local hazard warning
The German project Direct Information and Warning Application has designed a system that lets rescue forces immediately insert acute emergency warnings into the Mobile.Info traffic information broadcast platform, thus saving precious seconds and potentially lives.

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